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Quick Call Pro allows you to manage event planning like never before. Using the warmth of the human voice and the speed and precision of electronic communication, this easy to use tool allows you to send a personalized message to a targeted group of your customer base within minutes.

Whether you're using Quick Call Pro as a stand-alone broadcast tool, or as an additional contact wave in your over-all marketing strategy, the program is ready at a moment's notice to send out a voice broadcast for any reason to any number of recipients. And unlike some telemarketing services, Quick Call Pro will never leave a message drop after 5:00pm or on week-ends. We target voice mail for 75% or more of our outbound activity, and for those rare occurrences when someone does answer live, they are always given the opportunity to connect to the dealership directly while engaged on the line.

We offer both a self-service and a full-service option. Our easy to use Web Interface allows you to quickly and easily upload information from your DMS to reach your targeted market days ahead of more traditional advertising medias, or you can ask us to manage your campaign set-up, monitoring, and report follow-up as part of our full service agreement.

Quick Call Pro requires virtually no manpower on your end to operate, yet can do the work of hundreds of volunteers or employees.


  • New model announcements
  • VIP / Private Sale Events
  • High Demand for YOUR Used Vehicle
  • Pamper Yourself, Pamper Your Car
  • Clearance Event
  • Red Tag Sales Event
  • Build awareness to Manufacturer Incentives

    Or Even…

  • Road Ready Preparations
  • Cash for Clunkers
  • Go Green (Emission Controls, Fuel Efficiency)
  • Service Specials
  • Warranty Recalls
  • Parts Specials
  • SOP Parts Pick-ups
  • Seasonal Specials


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