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Other Services

Live Call Services
Conquest List Services
Email Design/Delivery
Loyalty Program
Short code Text advertising
Consulting Services

Live Call Services

We all know that success comes from repetition, and any outbound marketing effort will be significantly more successful if you incorporate multiple layers of follow-up. In 2012, PBS Managed Services began offering Live Call Services through our Outbound Call Centre to provide maximum lead generation for private sales and other customer acquisition opportunities.

When traditional dealer resources are not available, or cannot be counted on to make the follow-up calls, we'll make them for you! We'll prepare the script, call your contacts, and provide you with a list of confirmed appointments with details on the identified vehicle of interest prior to your event. Use the supplied reporting to track down any no-show appointments and maximize 100% of the identified opportunities.

Conquest List Services

If you feel you've over marketed to your existing customer base, we can help.

Balancing the right amount of marketing can be a challenge. Between weekly parts & service promotions, monthly sales promotions or private events and quarterly manufacturer initiatives, you may feel that you're targeting your existing customers more often than you'd like, running the risk that they'll simply stop listening.

So why not take an opportunity with your next campaign to reach out to a whole new market by combining our Live Call or Direct Mail marketing services with a new list of prospects from the homes around your dealership? Using public sources such as Stats Canada and the White Pages, our list services ensure that all contacts are fresh and pre-scrubbed against the National Do Not Contact list to ensure the best possible quality and contact performance.

Email Design / Delivery

The key to any successful event is awareness, and email marketing provides a cost effective method of providing a second touch to any print or telephone campaign.

Explore the benefit of email marketing with the confidence that PBS Managed services will take care of everything for you. With over 400 pre-designed templates, we can quickly and efficiently turn your monthly newsletter, event reminder, or VIP invitation around and out to your customers. Spam control checks are part of every design deliverable and ensure you obtain the highest possible delivery rates.
With PBS Email Services, we provide the final design, manage the distribution and provide reporting on Open rates, Click-thrus and Bounce statistics after the event.

Short code Text Advertising

Give your dealership a unique marketing edge by incorporating a short-code text message in conjunction with your next radio, social, digital or print media campaign.

Reach out beyond your current prospects and invite interested buyers to contact you without the annoyance factor caused by an aggressive text messaging campaign! With the right campaign in place, you'll see an immediate benefit in the number of mobile and text number's you'll be able to capture.

Try it today by texting Deal1980 to 313131.

Consulting Services

Contact us today to see how we can assist you in improving your current customer retention and provide your dealership with the tools needed to retain or regain the customer activity you've worked so hard to establish.

Loyalty Program

The Customer First Loyalty Rewards program is simple and easy to manage, and still allows for a high degree of customization. Core components of the program include:


  • Centralized database management and reporting
  • Standardized graphic design with unique dealership logo and information design
  • Supports unique offerings for each dealership and national campaigns by the manufacturer
  • Customizable rewards point calculation
  • Data polling and aggregation
  • Entry level affordability


  • Introductory Video email or Direct mail piece
  • Personal Web Page (PWP)
  • Easy enrollment process
  • Unique attributes specific to each vehicle owner
  • Access to current point levels 24/7


  • Frequency determined by program manager
  • Cross media options to provide the best results (email, mail & phone)
  • Regular contact reminding participants of services accessible for accumulated point totals
  • Service CSI follow-ups to direct the participant to their PWP site to review service history and make appointments


  • Unlimited level of targeted campaign options
  • Controllable direct mail volumes
  • Newsletter/seasonal marketing communications
  • One-time, on demand communications to assist with event marketing for sales or service
  • English & French Support

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