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With our Customer First program, PBS uses a combination of cross-media marketing tools including direct mail, voice mail, email/video email and text to reach out to your sales and service customers. We work with you to create your own custom marketing campaign schedule, and focus the program on helping you grow sales to your existing customers using regularly scheduled customer contact through all available media.

The program is designed to help you keep your name in front of your clients throughout the lifecycle of their vehicle, and is extremely strong at targeting customers who have not been in to the dealership for more than 12-months. By reclaiming many of these "lost souls," Customer First helps the dealership increase their customer retention and AVY (average visits per year). We have several campaigns designed to follow the customer through the sales or service cycles, plus an optional Loyalty/Reward program, and a Personalized Web Page with key information about the customer's vehicle and the dealership available 24/7 for every active customer.

Multi Channel Marketing

Your program is built utilizing your customer's preferred contact methods combined with your Dealership preferences. We work with multiple "Best of Breed" designers to deliver to you the finest quality materials and content. You can be confident that your Dealership's image is second to none. With Customer First we have found it is most effective to utilize multiple avenues of communication based upon five core components – email, print media, voice marketing, personalized web pages and loyalty programs.

Email messages can be as simple or detailed as you like. We guide you through the design process with samples and best practices. Email format is critical to your success and effectiveness. Of course, email content can vary significantly (audio, video, animation) and should be defined by your dealership's goals and budget.

Print media can be bulk or variable print based. Customer First will guide you through design, frequency and mailing services. With variable print we can customize and change images for each of your customers. Variable print has proven to increase response rates by up to 10 fold.
The third cornerstone of Customer First is automated Voice Marketing. Voice Marketing incorporates an automated call that is customized and professionally recorded for a specific campaign or dealership goal. Similar to email, Voice Marketing is extremely cost effective and allows you to reach every customer in minutes.

With Personal Web Pages and custom designed loyalty programs adding to this strong foundation, Customer First delivers multi channel communication and contact with your customers without increasing your staffing overhead.

Consistent ongoing contact and messaging is required to ensure customers remain customers for life. Customer First will guide the dealership in setting up your personalized Dealer campaign that is not limited to but could include:

  • Thank You
  • Personalized Birthday Greeting
  • Vehicle purchase anniversary
  • Specific service campaigns
  • Scheduled service reminders
  • New Model Sales events
  • Seasonal or special Sales events, Holiday Greeting
  • Web-only promotion

Monitoring & Detailed Reporting

As well as planning and delivering the marketing programs, Customer First also works very hard to monitor your results. Utilizing our advanced call monitoring services as well as additional data mining we can report back which marketed customers respond and actually purchase vehicles or bring their vehicles in for service.

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