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About Us

PBS Systems has been providing accurate, reliable Dealership software, services and support for more than 20 years. Our Managed Services group started in 2005 with the introduction of our Calltrak Call monitoring program, and our applications have continued to evolve from that point to the robust offering that we have today. Through our Managed Services group, we use a unique blend of several profit building tools to put revenue in your pocket and help you retain your customers in today's competitive market with virtually no additional manpower required on your end.

Our services can be implemented as a single event program, or as part of a larger business strategy. They can be used independently or combined together to provide a powerful solution to your Customer management and ongoing communication plans. PBS Managed Services programs include easy to read reporting relating to your return on investment, including (where applicable) inefficient advertising sources, weakness in sales skills, reclaimed revenue, and campaign performance / penetration levels relating to your outbound sales and service activity. All of our applications are accessible from anywhere, anytime through the ease and convenience of your web browser; and as a Premier Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, PBS enjoys the closest working relationship available with Microsoft. Our applications are developed from the ground up to embrace the most current Windows technology.

Manufacturer Support

Throughout North America, dealerships will find several PBS applications endorsed for co-op funding and reimbursement at the OEM level. Current opportunities include:

  • Chrysler Canada – Quickcall Pro Event Marketing and Live Call Service Endorsements
  • Suzuki Canada – Quickcall Pro Event Marketing endorsement
  • Volkswagen Canada – Customer First Retention Management endorsement
  • Volvo Canada and Volvo US – Customer First Retention Management endorsement
  • Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. – Successfully submitting Monthly Dealer Retention Reporting direct to HACC through Customer First
PBS Managed Services is a subsidiary of PBS Financial Systems and PBS Systems Group. Located in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), PBS started in the late eighties to provide powerful, useable, and comprehensive software for today's automotive dealers. We have grown from DOS based F&I application to our current Windows 2007 Server Aristo software platform. PBS is the proven market leader with the depth and experience in developing, deploying, and supporting Windows based Dealer Management Systems and managed services.

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