QuickCall Pro
Customer First key features include: Scheduled Marketing Campaigns for your Sales or Service department, specifically targeting customer retention and Lost Souls recapture. Includes an Optional Loyalty Program and Personalized Web Pages (PURLs) for your customers. OEM Endorsements are available for select manufacturers.
Calltrak services include advertising and sales call handling controls through our toll-free and vanity numbers. Add on our Gold Monitoring service, and alert your sales management team about hot prospects, lost lead opportunities, and call coaching needs that may require their follow-up.
Explore how our BDC tool can increase the efficiency of your outbound call center by 50% to 200% without working any harder or adding more staff.
Use Quick Call Pro for all your on demand Event Marketing, Voice broadcast services, and Private sale support. OEM Endorsements are available for select manufacturers.
As a Managed Services provider, PBS offers several other unique programs to support your sales and service marketing initiatives, including Live Call Services, Conquest List Services, Email Design/Delivery, Loyalty Programs, Shortcode Text message advertising and Consulting Services.

Why Outsource to a Managed Services group?

Wikipedia defines Managed Services as "the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved, effective, and efficient operations." We all know that time is of the essence in today's business model, and outsourcing to PBS Managed Services will always make sense, when:

• the cost of outsourcing is less than managing tasks in house,

• you need to free up your time to focus on your core business,

• you are simply not able to deliver the level of consistent and professional services that your business is known for

Today's business owners are faced with an increasing demand on their time and little opportunity to apply additional resources without significantly impacting overhead costs. PBS Managed Services addresses these concerns by offering outsourced management for several customer communication and retention services.

Whether you're looking for help with a quick campaign that you're trying to pull together over the next day or two, or planning a larger program communication cycle to ensure you both maintain and retain your existing customer relationships – we can help.

Industry Solutions

• Consulting Services to Sales, Service & Management

• Skills Assessment and Training Tool

• Campaign Planning & Delivery

• Customer Lifecycle Management

• Lost Souls Recapture, Management & Reporting

• Loyalty Programs

• Advertising Monitoring

• Cross-Media Marketing

• Personalized Web Pages